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If you’re in the market for finding the best outdoor flood lights for your home or business, this guide will help you.

We will compare the cost, energy consumption, maintenance and longevity of three different types of flood lights so you can make an informed decision.

Incandescent Flood Lights

This type of lighting is very basic in structure and operation.  Generally, it is the cheapest type of light to purchase, but the lease energy-efficient.  The light quality emitted from incandescent bulbs is the best of the three types, especially in flood lights that project light over a wide area. However, if you’re after a more diffused light, the incandescent bulb is not your best choice.

Even better than light quality is they are very inexpensive.  That’s a good thing since you’ll be changing them often because of its high energy consumption.  This type of light is the most expensive to operate.  The average 60W incandescent bulb has the following qualities:

Lifespan:  1,200 hours

Watts of Electricity Used:  60 watts

Kilo-watts of Electricity Used:  3285 KWh/yr

Annual Operating Cost:  $328.59/yr (or 30 bulbs)

(The flood light bulb is generally between 50 and 150 watts.  The 60W bulb is used for comparison.)

Compact Fluorescent Flood Light (CFL)

CFLs are much more energy efficient than the incandescent bulb and costs a little more. It produces a soft, warm light and uses most of its energy to produce light rather than heat. Even though you may pay more for the bulb, you save up to 75 percent in energy costs over the incandescent bulb to produce the same amount of light. That’s a great savings considering flood lights are generally used every night for several hours per night.

The 60-watt CFL has the following qualities:

Lifespan: 8,000 hours

Watts of Electricity Used: 13 – 15 watts

Kilo-watts of Electricity Used: 767 KWh/yr

Annual Operating Cost: $76.65/year

The compact fluorescent light is a big improvement over the incandescent light overall when used in outdoor lighting.

LED Flood Lights

Our investigation places outdoor LED flood lights as the best to use in exterior lighting for the home or business. Until recently, LED lights were nearly impossible to use to cover wide areas because of their limited light range. However, improvements to their design have produced the wider range capacity needed and LED flood lights are now available.

That’s good news since you’ll realize even more energy savings with outdoor LED flood lights over CFLs. Here are the characteristics of a 60-watt LED bulb:

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Watts of Electricity Used: 6 – 8 watts

Kilo-watts of Electricity Used: 329 KWh/year

Annual Operating Cost: $32.85/year

You’ll find the initial price of LED flood lights expensive compared to the costs of incandescent and CFL bulbs; however, you save so much money in energy usage and replacements costs that LED lighting costs seems almost non-existent in comparison.

LED flood lighting is far superior in lifespan, energy efficiency and operating costs.